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What is the Ideal age to start Braces treatment?
The best age to do the orthodontic treatment is when you are twelve to thirteen years of age as all the permanent teeth have usually erupted by this stage. The jaws are growing at this age and so it is easier to expand your jaws and reshape your mouth. However, it may be worth seeking dental advice even earlier. By the age of seven to eight years, enough permanent teeth have come in and enough jaw growth has occurred that the dentist or orthodontist can identify current problems, anticipate future problems or alleviate parents\’ concerns if all seems normal. For those patients who have clear indications for early orthodontic intervention, early treatment presents an opportunity :
  • To guide the growth of the jaw to proper shape.
  • To regulate the width of the upper and lower dental arches
  • To guide incoming permanent teeth into proper new positions
  • To lower risk of accidental damage to protruded or retruded — upper incisors (front teeth)
  • To correct harmful oral habits such as thumb sucking – tongue thrusting.
  • help to reduce or eliminate abnormal swallowing  or speech problems
  • Improve personal appearance and self-esteem
  • To recognize upcoming problems at an early stage and potentially simplify any procedures that may be required in the future
  • Reduces the likelihood for getting impacted permanent teeth (teeth that should have come in, but have not)
  • To preserve or gain space for permanent teeth that are coming in the jaw bone.
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