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Different Type Of Orthodontic Braces Treatments Available At Our Delhi Orthodontic And Dental Braces Clinic

Conventional metal Braces 
These are the most widely used braces all around the world, till date. The cost of these metal braces is cheaper than other variants of Braces available in the market. These braces are also called as low cost braces. As these are of metal they often causes lacerations & ulcers in the mouth; they are bigger in size and look very unaesthetic as compared to new advance invisible braces….
Clear Ceramic Braces 
The older generation conventional metal braces can now be done clear or Tooth colored, depending on the patient’s preference. Clear braces make wearing braces less noticeable thus offer a unique advantage over conventional metal appliances. These are smaller in size & are more convenient as comparison to metal once. The material composition and design allows an uncompromising level of care and enable you to look good during treatment. Many people may not even be aware that you’re wearing braces at all.
Now a day you can opt to have a white tooth colored wire in place of old metal wire – now with this new tooth colored wire all your appliance will be almost tooth colored…
We provide best price Low cost affordable cheapest Ceramic Braces treatment at Delhi Dental Center in East Delhi to all our patients.
Tooth colored Total Invisible Braces 
These are very good braces – they are made of a plastic or say fiber like re-enforced material. These are very durable and are translucent in nature – they take the color of the tooth when cemented on the tooth – so are barely visible…with that white wire this whole treatment becomes – total invisible braces treatment….
We at Delhi Dental Center are happy to provide these Total Invisible Braces to young ladies and to people working in organizations. In this we give you tooth colored invisible braces and a tooth colored wire in replacement of the conventional steel colored wire — so your treatment becomes totally invisible. These invisible braces are small in size, very comfortable.
Lingual Dental Braces 
Lingual Dental Braces are attached to the inside or lingual side of the teeth which makes them completely non-visible. These braces are case sensitive. These are not meant for every case – this technique is a bit case sensitive. These type of braces are particularly well-suited for adults whose professions keep them in the public eyes.
We welcome people looking for Best price low cost Affordable Lingual braces Dentist treatment at Lingual orthodontist Clinics in Delhi India.
Self-legating Braces 
We are one of the only few braces clinic in Delhi who offers self legating dental braces treatment in Delhi and India. With these braces you don’t have a problem of wire coming out or ligature getting loose and the bracket himself will hold the wire in place. Today’s innovative technology makes orthodontic treatment less time consuming and more comfortable than ever before.
Clear Aligners
Clear aligners have evolved from the concept of No-Braces – it means correcting irregular, crooked teeth without any metal, ceramic or invisible braces.
Clear aligner technology helps straighten your teeth with a series of custom-made clear aligners/ transparent trays 16 to 24 set of trays, which are comfortable, practical and invisible……………
Orthodontic Retainer 
Orthodontic Retainer ( removable ) — is a custom-made, removable appliance that helps teeth to maintain their new position after braces have been removed. Retainers can also be used to treat minor orthodontic problems.
We at Delhi Dental Center provide permanent Invisible Lingual orthodontic retainer treatment to all our patients as this is very good for retention purpose – this gives very good result in long run without the chances of any relapse…
 Orthodontic treatment options for adults 
We are proud to say that we are the only clinic in Delhi to give our Braces services to people above 40 yrs as well… we have done a lot of adult patients for whom we have done the treatment and have achieved desired results in time…
Please feel free to ask us for any further queries… 
Top Best orthodontist Dental Braces Dentist at Delhi Dental Center offers Metal – Ceramic – Tooth colored – Invisible – Lingual –  Aligner – Adult Braces treatment with permanent retainers at teeth Braces clinic in East Delhi India
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